YouTube Sneaky Censorship

YouTube Censorship Surge with Jared Taylor & James Allsup

YouTube IS doing something sneaky to CENSOR the in-form-ation You are seeking.
On videos that YouTube/NSA doesn’t want you to watch they Lower the vid quality or set it to an unusual resolution, say 1080p49 or 1080p50.
The Real News vids are all 1080p except this on The “Resistance” Forgets Bush is a War Criminal or thIS one Big Science and the Impossibility of Gravitational Waves | Space News
Sometime the vids are 240p or even 144p.
Other time the vids have so many commercial, it’s obvious that YouTube/NSA are trying to make the vid so PAINFUL to watch, you won’t.
As 113Doctor comes in contact with the vids, they will be posted right here for all to see.

Recall of US military pilots indication of perpetual war: Analyst

Jimmy Carter backs Trump, New York Times calls it ‘lust’ -360p

‘Risk of US-North Korea war increased by 30%’ -1080p60

Horace Campbell on US Disregard for Black Lives, From “War on Terror” in Africa to Green Beret Widow360p

‘Pandora box for Europe’: Catalan independence from Spain may collapse EU – Manuel Valls

Mars: Strange Tracks – Mystery Squiggle Patterns. ArtAlienTV -1080p60

‘Sexual harassment in UK is structural’ -1080p60

Gold Star Father on Anti-Iraq War Protesters: “History Has Proven They Were Right. We Were Right.” -360p

On path to de-dollarization: World tired of funding US military adventurism – Max Keiser -720p

US Congress passes sanctions on Hezbollah

Mounting tensions over NATO Russia war games -1080p50

US Congress passes sanctions on Hezbollah -1080p50

Mounting tensions over NATO Russia war games -1080p50

Threat of US-China war is rising: Former CIA officer -1080p50

First Look At The Trump JFK Files

UN should impose sanctions on US until it gets rid of nukes: Analyst -1080p50

Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #4: Light Bulbs in Space | Space News

US destroys countries that give up their nuclear weapons: Analyst

‘BDS campaign threatens Israel’s power in US’ -1080p50

What Is China HIDING UNDER The Desert? 10/30/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Martian Statue Head – The Mohawk ? ArtAlienTV -1080p60

SCARY!! Zoologist Can’t Explain This! Cryptid Alien Spotted? 10/31/2017 -Title Scripting Errors

NEWLY LEAKED 2004 Navy UFO Footage? 10/31/17 -Title Scripting Errors

US pushing world toward nuclear apocalypse: Scholar

‘US war games involving nukes are insane’ -1080p50

Did You See It? Aircraft Carrier Sized MOTHERSHIP Oregon! 10/2/17
-Title Scripting Errors

REGISTER YOUR CASH OR FACE JAIL – New U.S. Senate Bill Will Force US Citizens To Register Cash
-Title Scripting Errors

Trump’s immigration policies used against non-allied nations: Analyst -1080p60

These People Do Not Exist 11/2/17 -Title Scripting Errors





Scientist Can’t Explain Large Unknown “VOID” Inside Great Pyramid! 10/2/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Is This An Alien Satellite? 11/2/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Tehran hosts Iran Expo 2017 exhibition -1080p50

US trying to whitewash 9/11 facts: Iran -Title Scripting Errors

Iran sets high clean energy goals -1080p50

Trump must recognize that US created ISIL -1080p50

Acceleration Radio October 30th, 2017 -1080p60

Hand found on Mars ? Multi Anomalies & Carvings

Electric Discharge Clearly Seen on Comet 67P | Space News -720p60

Mystery “SHOCKWAVE” Over North America 11/5/17 -Title Scripting Errors

The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap (2/3)
-Title Scripting Errors

The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap (3/3) -Title Scripting Errors

What Did They Capture? Alien Body Has Experts Bewildered! 11/8/17 -Title Scripting Errors

James Corbett on The Hagmann Report – Why Big Oil Conquered The World -360p

Electric Discharge Clearly Seen on Comet 67P | Space News -720p60

South Korean masses see Trump as belligerent, oppose his presence: Analyst -1080p60

Nuclear Physicist UFO Alien Insight Being Shut Down! Must Watch! 11/9/2017 -Title Scripting Errors

Linda Moulton Howe LIVE on Earthfiles 11/08/2017 -Title Scripting Errors

Trump is a bully both domestically and internationally: Analyst

Tensions Mount in Greece as the Trial of Europe’s Most Brazen Neo-Nazi Party Drags On (1/2) -Title Scripting Errors

Greek Oligarch Evangelos Marinakis Faces Criminal Charges After Expanding his Media Empire (2/2) -Title Scripting Errors

Israel receives more F-35 warplanes from US -720p50

NATO turns up anti-Russia rhetoric1080p50

‘Law Against Hate’ fuels Venezuela’s tensions

It’s Back! “Zombie Star” Researchers Are Flabbergasted! 11/9/17
-Title Scripting Errors

What’s Your Take on Vegas? – James Corbett reddit AMA

Former CIA Contractor Exposes The UFO Cover UP? 11/10/17
-Title Scripting Errors

What Just Happened In West Virginia National Park? Police UFO Cover-Up! 11/11/17 -Title Scripting Errors

French poverty rates up: 1 in 7 now poor -1080p50

US using JCPOA as leverage to stop Iran’s defense program: Analyst

Trump’s Asia trip fails to gain support for war on North Korea: Analyst

Boat-Wreck – Ship found on Mars ? Cabin Cruiser. ArtAlienTV (R)

Reptilian Alien Snake? Bizarre Secrets Behind The Pope’s Audience Hall Exposed! 11/18/17 -Title Scripting Errors

They Can’t Hide This!! Military Air Force Base Over Run By UFOS?!! 11/19/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Hidden TOMBS Unlocked! Secrets of Egypt Astonish Scientist! Age Of Sphinx? 11/15/17

George Brandis on Genuine Satire -1080p50

They Can’t Hide This!! Military Air Force Base Over Run By UFOS?!! 11/19/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Martian Graffiti – Huge 50 ft Letters on Mars Mountain. ArtAlienTV – 20/11/17 -1080p60

Conspiracy Theorists Going Crazy Over This Apollo 17 Mission Photo! 11/20/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Major UFO Hot-Spot Shut Down! Censorship Is REAL! 11/22/17 -Title Scripting Errors

‘US justice system unfair towards blacks’ -1080p50

‘US invaded Afghanistan to restore heroin industry’ -1080p50

John Kerry remarks on Israel-Palestine conflict ‘soft-core Zionist’ agenda -1080p50

Extreme UFO Hunting With Thirdphaseofmoon LIVE! 11/21/17 -360p -Title Scripting Errors

What Just Happened Over Utah? Huge Explosions Remain A Mystery! 11/23/17 -Title Scripting Errors

EU threatens to withhold aid to Ukraine over reforms -1080p50

IAEA says had access to ‘all locations it needed’ in Iran -1080p50

What Just Happened Over Utah? Huge Explosions Remain A Mystery! 11/23/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Clinton lost election because she was terrible candidate: Analyst -1080p50

“THEY ARE HERE” You Can’t Hide From This! 11/25/17 -Title Scripting Errors


‘It’s not coincidence, it’s censorship in today’s USA’ – Experts on Twitter blocking RT ads -Title Scripting Errors

SECRET (“Masonic?”) CODE revealed by MIDDAY SUNDIAL on 11/11? -Title Scripting Errors

Is Rachel Maddow Dangerous To Journalism? W/Abby Martin -Title Scripting Errors

US doesn’t have plan B for North Korea if war threats don’t work: Analyst

Trumps tweets thin skin may cause nuclear war

House at odds with Trump in supporting Saudi war in Yemen: former US diplomat

Sanders Keynote at Economists for Peace & Security Event -1080p60

File Footage: Captain Thompson Arresting Protesters at City Hall (7/25/17) -720p60

Share This Before It’s Shut Down! News Helicopter Films Something Strange Over New Mexico! 11/18/17
-Title Scripting Errors

US military responsible for instability in Somalia: Analyst -1080p50

Mars Elephant ? Martian Skull Resembles Mammal – 17/11/2017 -1080p60

They Don’t Want You To See This! Mysterious Holographic UFO? Major Media Black Out! 11/18/17
-Title Scripting Errors

Public join relief efforts for Iran’s quake-hit province

HUGE MOON STRUCTURES – Apollo 8 – Crater-mass 1 – ArtAlienTV (R) -720p60

Open-ended occupation of Afghanistan real intent of US policy: Scholar

Trump bowed to pressure from Netanyahu to close Palestinian office: Analyst -1080p50

It’s Happening Again! Huge Purple Mysterious Explosion Over NY! 11/27/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Saudi Arabia’s Role in 9/11 -Title Scripting Errors

Moon Channel Deleted for Flat Earth ? Is This Why ? ArtAlienTV (R) -1080p50

Something Otherworldly Just Crashed In Japan! 11/27/17
-360p & Title Scripting Errors

‘Trump indirectly sparked wave of sex scandals’ -1080p50

Erdogan basks in ‘common wavelength’ w/ Trump -Title Scripting Errors

‘N Korea building up military to avoid Libya’s fate’

Consciousness, Disclosure, and the 5 Messiah’s of the UFO/ET World -Title Scripting Errors

Linda Moulton Howe LIVE 11/29/2017
-Title Scripting Errors

The Secrets Of Anti Gravity – Hutchison Effect Is Really Frequency Levitation

Passenger Aboard Major Airline Captures Unexplained Object! 12/1/17
-Title Scripting Errors

Over 30k Feet Up! Biological Alien Lifeform? HD Video! 12/1/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Trump retweets risk diplomatic row -1080p50

Americans do not want more problems with other countries: analyst

Museum exposition explores Persian culture -720p60

Real Media: Doctors Against Diesel

As U.S. Child Asthma Rates Soar, EPA Fights for Big Coal’s Agenda -1080p60

Mars Ship Confirmed by NASA Rover – & Propeller Found – ArtAlienTV

Argentine Government Bars Major NGO Representatives from WTO Meeting -1080p60

Fort Bragg Military Base Has Special Force Soldiers Speechless! 12/2/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Huge Weather Phenomenon Captured Over Sweden! 12/4/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Trump lawyer takes responsibility for Flynn tweet: My mistake! -720p60

US not going to go to nuclear war with North Korea: Analyst -1080p50

Bankrupt Greece Becomes a Major Military Spender and “Sales Agent” for NATO

Israel: Tel Aviv residents fear ‘another war’ in respose to Trump declaration 0:00 / 3:48 -Title Scripting Errors

Macron, EU reject Trump’s al-Quds decision1080p50

The Real News Daily Podcast – 12/8/17 -Title Scripting Errors

Out Of This World UFO “Fast Walker” Major Airline Pilot Speaks! 12/8/17
-Title Scripting Errors

‘US using DPRK to maintain foothold in East Asia’1080p50

N Korea warns of war amid ongoing US drills1080p50

Keith Davis ‘is living every day w/ his innocence’ – wife -Title Scripting Errors

HOLD ON! Alien INVASION False Flag!? HUGE Area 51 UFO Operations Exposed! 12/10/17
-Title Scripting Errors

Martian Ship Up Close – Freighter on Mars – ArtAlienTV (R) -1080p60

UFO Cover-Up? HALO Project? Denver, Colorado Update New Video! 12/11/17 -Title Scripting Errors

October 2018: Spectacular Tour Of Megalithic Sites In Peru, Bolivia and Easter Island -720p60

UFO Cover-Up? HALO Project? Denver, Colorado Update New Video! 12/11/17
-Title Scripting Errors

‘US should avoid conflict with Russia, China’

Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Who’s Your Audience? (1/4)
-Title Scripting Errors

Trump provoking North Korea, a nuclear power, into war with US: Analyst -1080p60

Honduras’ Flawed Vote Recount: A Cover-Up for Fraud? -1080p60

Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Why Baltimore? (2/4)
-Title Scripting Errors

Forced Privatization of The Greek Port of Piraeus, One Year Later

Investigators Confirm CIA Forged Barack Birth Certificate -TONS OF COMMERCIALS!

Linda Moulton Howe LIVE 12/13/2017 -Title Scripting Errors

Mars Apes & Statues – Captured by Curiosity & Opportunity. ArtAlienTV

Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Is Having a White CEO in a Majority Black City a Problem? (3/4)
-Title Scripting Errors

Ecuador’s Vice-President Sentenced to Six Years Prison for Corruption -1080p60

Democrats need many GOP senators to vote for Trump’s removal: Analyst

Snowboarding toddler shreds the slopes -720p50

Baltimore Beat & TRNN: What’s Next? (4/4) -Title Scripting Errors

~175~ Most Censored Stories of 2017, Honduras v. Venezuela, Local Level Corruption


Twitter threw RT under the bus – Lionel

YouTube Admits Censoring Independent News Channels

LIVE: New round of Syria talks take place in Astana – press statement by Lavrentiev

Youtube IS BEcoming a Hostile to User Corp/eXperience.
Youtube IS Lying/Hiding/losing Real In-Form-Ation for Hollywood fluff.
Youtube user days are numbered as Youtube will become to hostile for most users seeking information at which point
Youtube IS for entertainment.


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