The Joe Rogan eXperience

Joe Rogan In A Nutshell

1. I run hills using Vibram shoes
2. I eat elk meat everyday
3. I bow hunt
4. I have a bit about it in my special
5. I wish there were more than 3 judges at MMA fights
6. My friend Cam Hanes
7. Barboza is an animal
8. Do you know about Dimethyltryptamine?
9. Psilocybin does
10. Decorticator anyone?
11. I have chickens at home
12. Sober October
13. Keto Flu
14. I have tendonitis in my right elbow
15. Regenokine
16. I was reading this article about…
17. I have powerful friends at YouTube
18. Young Jamie pull this up
19. John Dudley
20. I was at the Comedy Store the other day and
21. The Google Pixel has those headphones that translate languages
22. It’s because of tribalism
23. Marxism
24. Wow
25. That’s crazy
26. I suck all my guests ballz.
27. Eddie… Eddie… You can’t… You can’t just say that.
28. Its entirely possible
29. I think we’re living in a very interesting time.
30. MMA is just high level problem solving with dire physical consequences
32. “He’s a sweetie”
33. ‘You’d be surprised’
34. Have you tried stem cell therapy?
36. I had a fight once in Fear Factor….
37. “How dare you”
38. Jamie pull that shit up
39. We don’t have a gun problem we have people on antidepressants
40. Anything Eddie bravo says or pulls up on the internet is bullshit but when I pull up an article I am correct. Jamie is my bitch and always backs me up and gets mad at Eddie
41. THE SAME Joey Diaz and Alex Jones impressions
42. Intermittent Fasting
43. Boy
44. Did you know that when you eat weed it turns to 11-Hydroxy THC
45. Amy Schumer is the ultimate boner killer
46. Have you ever tried a sensory deprivation tank
47. Define the word Jew.
48. Ari Shaffir is one of my best friends
49. Francis Ngannou is a scary mutherfucker
50. George Soros is a good person. He was captured by the Nazis.
51. My chickens got jacked by a coyote.
52. Did you know they used to wear wigs because of Syphilis…
53. I used to believe the moon landings were faked but I realized later I didn’t know enough about it
Yep, 113Doctor IS thIS good.

Mcinnes blows Rogan’s mind with FACTS about the muslim inbreeding problem.

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