GO FUCK YOURSELF fbi! No one BEATS themselves to death!

FBI: RT Founder Beat Himself To Death
FBI Releases Docs Claiming RT Founder Beat Himself To Death In His Hotel Room
Published on Jan 29, 2018
After the founder of RT died in a Washington, DC hotel room, the public was told he died of a heart attack.
Now a heavily redacted FBI report reveals he was beaten to death but maintains he beat himself to death.
RT founder killed himself by repeatedly smashing his head and upper body into the ground– says you fbi- FUCKING LAIRS fbi!
No one IS that stupid you fucking pieces of SHIT fbi!!!!
No one BEATS themselves to death!

Well fbi, When it rains, it pours.
The fbi IS owed all that the fbi is getting and more.
It will BE interesting to see if the fbi can survive thIS or will President Trump do what President Kennedy could not do?
To finally do away with the fbi.

What thIS means IS the eXuctive Branch of the Government IS saying you CAN NOT Trust the fbi.

Which means the fbi IS lying about U.F.O’s, Aliens, Ancient Aliens, the Death of President Kennedy, you name it- the fbi lied about it.


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Can’t even follow basic PROTOCOL!!!
WHO can You trust?

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