The Widowmaker vs Coronary Calcium Scans-I.E. A Mammogram For The Heart!

The Widowmaker

The Widowmaker

It makes two important points:
1. Coronary stents don’t prevent heart attacks.
2. Coronary calcium scans can identify advanced coronary artery disease before heart attacks happen.

Diagnosing Heart Disease at its Earliest Stages
Coronary calcium scans help prevent heart attacks by detecting heart disease at its earliest stages. A Coronary calcium scans performed using a 64-slice dual-source CT scanner can diagnose coronary artery disease at an early stage by taking precise pictures of the heart. Blocked or clogged blood arteries can be detected without the need of surgery or the injection of tracking fluids.

A Mammogram For The Heart

113Doctor recommends you get your Coronary calcium scans.

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