DRIVING is a commercial term if you are not being paid you are not DRIVING you are traveling.
You do not have to have a driver’s license, to TRAVEL. Traveling is a right, not a privilege. You only need a driver’s license, when you are involved in commerce.
Being former law enforcement, my experience was that we saw all this sovereign citizen stuff as tin foil hat & hillbilly learning. Some of the guy’s really looked forward to running into “believer’s” for the fun of it and some hated dealing with them as it usually means a potential of a shitload of paperwork & court appearances. Either way, what really matter’s is the PA’s, judge’s & the jurisdictions.
You can be legally right & scuttled anyway (just look at Trump’s perfectly Constitutional travel ban) if the court chooses to ignore or reject prior case law. Even if your bank with good attorney’s, a judges “opinion” is still the final word until costly appeals. If you’re not represented you can count on being shut down on legal (protocol) court details in presentation, examination and introduction of evidences, if the court wants to dispose of your case (and they do). On small matter’s many judges are like the cop’s, afraid of a shitload of paperwork & scrutiny, will say, just go away. But on matters of significance, well, they can’t let you win because of “Opening the floodgates”.
You do not have to give up your contracts with the government and be sovereign. Use your Corporate “strawman” to your benefit by entering into a contract with the cop and the judge should you go to trial.
Contract and Agreement to Faithfully Perform Certain Obligatory Fiduciary Duties to the Benefit of the Sovereignty Know all men by these prcsents that I. , acting in the olficial capacity of _, on hehalfof . in consideration ol’full investigative cooperation and disclosure of certain private, personal information requested by me Iiom , a sovereign benet’iciary to the solemn Oath/Affirmation by which I aln required to be bound under Ar:ticle Vl of the supreme l-aw of the Land (AD 178911791 ), do hereby contractually promise, upon said Oath/Af1irmation. not 1o violate or inliinge any of the rights secured to said sovereign beneficiary by Articles IV and V of Amendment liirst to said supreme Law of the t,and (AD 1791).and Ifurther promise that no privale” personal information so disclosed to me will in any way be used at any time hereafler to the detennent of’said sovereign beneficiary witlrout express consent, and I hereby lurther stipulate only
permission to said sovereign beneficiary to file suit against me tbr damages in any court of contpetent”iurisdiction in the event I break faith and/or breach either of the aforesaid promises.
l’]xecuted in good laith this-day of the month, AD 20_. Promise(s) Acceptcrcl by: F’iduciary Of-licerSovereign Beneficiary, on this-day write date signature to amend Monty Montgomery Qualified Signature non-assumpsit per idem sonans persona ficta


Are You An AMERICAN or a united states citizen??
America was around 8 Presidents BEFORE the united states of America.
To cops, politicization, alphabet agencies, flying helicopters… I 113Doctor would LOVE to fight this out in the court of public opinion. I have all the TIME.
The US courts system is a British Venture System. When you pay Bail your paying BAAL, one of the Fallen Angels/Aliens.
This WHOLE system needs to be DESTROYED & replaced with the 153=K.J.V. Vital Link, 153=K.J.V. Prophetic, 153=K.J.V. TRUE SEALED.
If you work for this system, get out or the Tree of Liberty will drink you & yours.

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