The Simpsons Predictions ???

It’s Obvious to 113Doctor what IS going on here…

Human Being = Reality Creating Engine.
What ever you dwell on (think about) becomes realty.
The more Humans that see & dwell on something, the more it is likely too become, too happen.
ThIS also explains the paper money system, I mean the Paper Magic Money System- that steals energy from copper-tops (people) & then does whatever is drawn onto the spell/paper magic.

ThIS also eXplains my BlueBoX.

As well as the illuminati cards

They are using paper magic to steal your energy coppertop and using that energy to create the future!
Thats magic.
Thats matrix manipulation.
You/all conscious being in the universe are reality creating engines.

113Doctor IS USing YOU, to bring Down Helicopters.

Heres an eXamle:
The Mission

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