Dr. Abbey Tyler Testimony & Speaking Shumerian

Dr. Abbey Tyler Hypnosis session
How To Learn Sumerian Language Speak Shumerian Oldest Language In The World
Anunnaki Voice in Sumerian
ThIS IS gadreel and his ilk.
The feeling of hopelessness IS gadreels.
He’s taking advantage of it by using/passing that feeling onto hIS abductees victims in order to control, to subdue them.
gadreel claims man to be hIS creation, therefor he IS god over it.
Speaking the original tongue he used when he & hIS ilk fell to BE with eve/whoever they choose.
Notice: gadreels took Dr. Abbey Tylers daughter, still up to his same ol tricks, taking whomever gadreel chooses…
The towns were/are ideal for scientific research. It’s hard to get in and out of, off the beaten path, cold, everything for long term study, easy to map the daily lives of the population from above or below…
The possession seems to be more a mental control link that the Alien/scientist can used to control the subject but like all links, it IS a 2-way door and when used to get information from the Alien/scientist, the Alien/Scientist then breaks the link by breaking the flesh.
Thats near total control over the flesh with mental technology.
The Alien IS the DEMON-DUH!
Just good old advanced Alien Tech.

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