GIANTS! Where Are The Giant Bones?
“The Earth IS Billions of years old. DEAL WITH IT. I wear around my neck a trinket that IS 500,000 MILLIONS YEARS OLD, that’s Half a Billion Years. I do this to remind myself of your short memories.” -113Doctor
Giants are the off spring of Fallen Angels/Ancient Aliens.
Where Are The Giant Bones?
“He concluded that the evidence confirmed that these large mound complexes were the work the indigenous populations. Archaeologists know today that these were the centers of complex, highly sophisticated indigenous societies. Attempts to link such structures to non indigenous peoples is part of a larger attempt to end Native American history and to replace that history with an American narrative that denies the identity of North America’s indigenous peoples. The perpetuation of long discredited ideas concerning a race of giants is an affront to the indigenous peoples of North America and need to be recognized as such.” -Stephen Mrozowski.

“Interesting, Mr Mrozowski thinks in his head that by pointing out that Giants are Real, that this will then have an negative effect on North American indigenous populations/history. (More neg than what has/IS BEen done?)
I, 113Doctor find that a very NARROW point of view.
Lets call this point of view the “Smrozow” point of view/effect.
Now, does the “Smorow” effect only happen in North America? What happens when Giant bones are searched/found else where around the Earth? Does the “Smrozow” effect the entire planet? If Giant bones are found in China, does this erase North American indigenous history or only China’s indigenous history?
You see, Finding Giants in HISTORY does not negate any indigenous population history. If anything it enriches it!
Small minds think Small.
Giants were the Sons of GODS/Star People/Ancient Aliens, PERIOD!
They were WORSHIPED.
Giants were Hybrids.
Whats funny and Sadly IRONIC is the FACT that ALL INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AROUND THE EARTH WORSHIP STAR PEOPLE but Stephen Mrozowski does not believe them, yet somehow feels he Knows their indigenous NARRATIVE, not realizing Stephen Mrozowski is the AFFRONT to the very GIANTS and their indigenous society.
You can’t call yourself a social theory, spatial theory, historical archaeology, environmental archaeology, urban archaeology, industrial archaeology and indigenous archaeologies, IF your NOT willing to LISTEN to what the indigenous HISTORY has to say!

Update: 02/26/2016
Mr Mrozowski has modified his website, deleting my comment & making it so you must be a member to post.
Coward IS as COWARD does.

The Smithsonian: We Destroyed the Skeletons of Giant Humans…

Ancient Grand Canyon Underground City of Giants Discovered

The Giant Skeletons found at Romita in 1995: Where are they now?

113Doctor will/IS dismantling the Smithsonian 1 bone at a TIME.

Rockwall Texas

Why Are We Not Talking About The Reality of Giant Humanoid Skeletons? Here Are A Few Examples.

GO FUCK THE smithsonian! NO $$$/TIME FOR THE smithsonian EVER!!!
GO FUCK Mr Mrozowski!!!

Ancient Giant Remains Found Buried In Alaska

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