The Pictorial War Of The gods With Human Interpretation

LOLOLOL! What LIES! (45 seconds)
Mars was NOT at it’s closet 600,000 years ago but 12,000 Years Ago!!!

From Creation to when gadreel/luicifur/satan/devil (ancient Alien) Showed Eve HIS Tree of Knowledge, soon after it was decided to move Mars. At this point everything on Earth is BIG. Trees are BIG, Plants are BIG, Bugs are BIG, animals are BIG. Everything lives LONG life. This IS due to the SUN being “filtered” by the two gas Giant Planets, Saturn & hidden behind Jupiter.
What you have here IS a Type 2 Alien Society & that was 10,000 – 900,000 years ago.

Notice: From creation to Adam/Eve, the planets were in a line, closer to the earth, and habitual. Venus has mines on it and, AND Mars has rubble from the destruction of it’s civilization & has life on it now, CLEVER ones can see it in the Mars Rover Vids. NEVER TRUST NASA (Never A Straight Answer).

ThIS was the Time Before Time, when nothing really changed & time was kept by the gods/planet in the sky as a giant time piece/wheel. ThIS was The Ancient Of Days.

Ancient Humans thought the Planets were gods & the Aliens/Angels did not correct them of this mistake.
Ancient Aliens S06E16 Aliens And The Red Planet = Humans still CLUELESS as to what happened.
Pupils, Watch the above video as homework to stand under. Put the pieces together, clever ones.
Wrath Of The Titans = How Humans interrupted events going on at that time.
Evidence For An eXtraterrestrial Impact 12,900 Years Ago That Contributed To The Megafaunal eXtinctions And The Younger Dryas Cooling
A Tenth Of The World Burned 12,800 Years Ago

End Of The World Party
ThIS IS were the Line In The Sand Was Drawn.
Before this point, the Sun was hidden/filter by the Gas Giants so only filtered Sun light got threw (the sunlight had to pass threw the gas Planets to get to Earth, and the Earth produced once a month.
After this point, the Gas Giants began to move eXposing the Sun and causing the Earth to produce once a season.
ThIS new paradigm for the Earth could NO longer support Giants.
Aliens shun the Earth now too as it no longer promotes long life.
Humans went from 1,000 year life span to 100 or less.
Noah Ark, 13,000 years ago ish/Fall of Atlantis- minus the center part which was the Mother Ship.

Crucifixion of JESUS, 2000 years ago ish. Mankind Sees The Sun (The Real Sun) as Jupiter moves away from the Earth no longer Blocking the Sun from view and no longer Filtering the Suns rays.

This IS YOUR HIStory Earthers, LEARN IT!
Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)
Thunderbolts Project- Electric Universe



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Never A Straight Answer = NASA.

The LORD Rebuke you.

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