BREAKING NEWS: New Television Series Heading into Production!

BREAKING NEWS: New Television Series Heading into Production

The past couple of months have involved intense research and preparation for a 13-part television series on the Electric Universe, developed in cooperation with Gaia TV. The series will highlight the convergence of Wal Thornhill’s groundbreaking work on the Electric Universe with the work of Dave Talbott’s electrical formations in the ancient sky.

Production begins in October, and both Wal and Dave will be deeply involved in the process for at least several months running into 2019. The Gaia schedule calls for the series to begin playing in the spring. With hundreds of video images and interview sequences involved in series, Wal and Dave expect to be highly preoccupied as the New Year approaches. Though that will mean a pause in Dave’s Discourses on an Alien Sky series, it will certainly not slow down the ongoing Space News videos. We have confidence that the forthcoming release of “The Electric Universe” on Gaia TV will draw substantial new audiences to the EU movement in the coming year.

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