Meet Schaeffer Cox, Serving 26 years in Prison For Telling The Truth

113Doctor IS gonna make Schaeffer Cox Famous & 113Doctor IS going to KILL the Children of those Who did thIS too You Schaeffer Cox.
Any Questions?

War IS a Horrid thing, there are no rules, Kids die first, esp in soft targets, with adults too scared to use their 2nd amendment RIGHT
There goes 113Doctor breaking all hIS own rules, the rules of a state, a country, a planet, solar system, galaxy, man laws, aliens law, GODs Most High law…
Best NOT TOO Push 113 Doctor, a work in progress at best, your dimes at worst.
What you have here IS an injustice against Schaeffer Cox perpetrated by the state.
The Killing of children IS also an injustice.
Get the point?
When SIN happens, SACRIFICE IS required.
So simple a CHILD could stand under the in-form-ation.

THIS is the speech that caused the Feds to put Schaeffer Cox in illegal CMU prison

Americans now being jailed for thought crimes and truth-telling

We the people DEMAND the federal FUCKERS government to Tell us what the federal FUCKERS government is doing about an issue:
Please review case of Schaeffer Cox. 16179-006, Any honest review will exonerate him. This is travesty of justice
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Prosecutors made up charges, lied to jury, and broke laws to railroad an innocent man into 26 years of prison . Information on internet shows how this was done. Any honest review of his case will exonerate him. This happened previously to Sen. Ted Stevens and others, and although cases were reversed, same prosecutors were not disciplined and did this to Schaeffer Cox & Karen & Lonnie Vernon & Coleman Barney. It is not politically correct to accuse Justice Department of wrong doing but failure to correct this behavior will result in a dystopian nightmare for the American people. It could happen to anyone. If Courts can lie and cheat and not be held to account, then there is no justice.

Schaeffer Cox

Schaeffer Cox inspiring letter to humanity from prison

Published on May 20, 2016
Yes. I have been horribly mistreated while in prison. All of the things you listed have been done to me, as well as several worse things you didn’t list. The worst was before trial when they were trying to get us to all testify against each other. I see all these reports of the ranchers and other good folks being rounded up by the anti-humanity Coup Government. I just want all the good men and woman who are being captured and put through the same sort of torture I was to know that no matter how bad it gets, you can make it. Your strength will be equal to your need, but never more. You will always want to have more strength than you need, but you won’t ever get it. That’s just the way it works.

They will chain you in submission poses in the dark for days on end. They will starve you. They will humiliate you. They will dress you in dirty clothes and leave you in the cold. They will four-point you to shackles on a concrete bed for days and days and not let you sleep. They’ll diesel you until your wrists and ankles swell and bleed. You will keep the scars. But if you don’t break you will also keep your dignity. They want you to betray your principals by betraying your friends, your country, and your Maker. That’s the reason for all of it. They will tell you to just kiss the ring and it will all end. But that will not be the end at all. It will be the end of your self respect. They will take away the iron chains that hold your head bowed because they know your head will never rise again once you have kissed the ring. You will have made your own chains — mental chains — and hung them about your neck so that your shoulders role forward and your eyes look down in shame. You will walk the yard defeated by your own choice. They will take everything from you that they can take, but your dignity must be given. Just don’t give it and you will win. Even if they kill you, you will have won. Because there comes a time in a man’s life when he is no longer fighting to save his life; He is fighting to save his humanity in the face of his certain death. I got to that point and I lost my fear. Fear is the worship of evil. That’s why the most recurrent phrase in the Bible is “FEAR NOT.” I walk with my head held high and I can look everyone in the eye. That victory is sweeter to me than the suffering is bitter. “You can not dehumanize another without dehumanizing yourself in the process.” That’s what a guard told me just before he refused orders to do some torturously harsh stuff to me. He is right.

The early Christians in Rome were not fed to the lions because they worshiped Jesus. They were fed to the lions because they would not worship Jesus AND Czar. And it’s the same thing today. The only way to be safe from this evil state is to be a evil weasel who has no morals. Then they will hire you as a cop, or forgive your charges, or pay you to trap good people who disapprove of evil. But even that safety is temporary because as soon as your usefulness comes to an end, they will double cross you.

5) Before I was arrested, my wife and I were trying to leave the country with our 1 1/2 year old son and our week old daughter. The Informants that had been trying to get me to commit a crime for which I could be arrested were not having any luck getting me to do bad things or agree to violence. I kept telling them “I’m going to pull a Gandhi not a Rambo.” Frustrated by this, they gave me a death-threat-ultimatum — “Agree to go on a violent shooting spree with us, or we are going to kill you ourselves and then do it anyway.” (We have recordings of FBI Informant Bill Fulton saying this.) That’s what made us pack up our belongings and drive toward Canada. That’s when the FBI sent another informant (JR Olson) to chase after us.

PLEASE FUCKERS fbi 113Doctor IS ALSO SAYING openly accusing fbi of drug trafficking and child prostitution.

fbi IS Trafficking Drugs And Child Prostitution ARREST 113DOCTORs Muther-Fuckers For TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT fbi!!!

Schaeffer Cox Oral Arguments 8/16/2017
Lets take out these so called judges as well.

Department of INjustice: The Untold Story of Schaeffer Cox

The Tragic Love Story of Marti and Schaeffer Cox FULL VERSION

WE THE PEOPLE DON’T NEED A Lic to own a gun or to carry a gun.
Rights don’t need lic.
You have a Right to free speech. Do you need a lic for that?
You have a Right to Live. Do you need a lic for that?
You have a Right Liberty. Do you need a lic for that?
You have a Right to pursuit of Happiness. Do you need a lic for that?
As a Free American, you don’t need a lic to drive either.
All this crap was for the newly freed slaves that needed protection.
We should have just done what Briton did with their slaves. SHIPPED THEM BACK!
The FEDS granted protection as long as you gave up your rights.
New freed slaves were more use to protection than defending rights.
When We the People wake up, your Time will BE done fbi/any other alphabet agency.

113Doctor wants to ask the Blacks, how has thIS worked out for you?
Becoming slaves again but to the Feds.
Shurly not 1 Black person IS in Federal Prison.

And before you go all fist-cuff or worse you should know that 113Doctor has put some thought into Forty acres and a mule, that was then, thIS IS now…
so you should get Forty Million Dollars & a Royals Royce 😀
Then You can live anywhere on the Planet.
Just Saying…

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