Busy, Busy, 113Doctor

Busy constructing the Bottomless pit.
What IS a Bottomless pit but endless space inside space.
When 113Doctor IS done, the devil will also BE trapped inside.
It’s been done BEfore, Pandora’s BoX.
And in TIME, even thIS boX will be opened and the devil released one last time.
Innocence will open it, Innocence always does.
It’s an Electric Universe, so these things are possible.

Your start building a BlueBox by manifesting the 11Demensional consciousness first, and falling in love with said consciousness.

Then maybe you can start to think about collapsing stars into black-holes, frozen in TIME for energy and on to Living metals tree that can create anything.
Then onto, well you get the idea, the control room and the Outer shell is not the first thing to create.

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