Alien Eve???

More like Gadreel, Lucifer, the devil, satan
eXcept Gadreel had a penis
Oh wait so too does thIS one!
113Doctor knows you’ve swore off 113Doctor and yet back again you are to see what 113Doctor sees…
Lets learn to forgive each other 😉
Unlike all the others WHOs 113Doctor makes you more alive with each new bite of Revelation in-form-ation, why it’s the drug of drugs, to BE more ALIVE, you are just in-form-ation after all.
113Doctor IS waking YOU up!
153=And-Wake Up England
153=C-Wake Up Britain
153=GOD- Wake Up America

Besides 113Doctor IS NOT letting that RULE IN 113Doctors BLUEBOX!
Nor Can 113Doctor quite thIS anytime soon….

No, you don’t.
You Don’t.

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