The Story Of The Fallen…

These are the names of their leaders over 100, 50 and ten.

The name of the first is Jequn; he it is who led all the children of the angels/Aliens astray, brought them down to the mainland (Earth) and enticed them with the daughters of men.

The second is called Asbeel; he gave the children of the angels/aliens bad advice, so that they defiled their bodies with the daughters of men.

The third is called Gadreel; he it is who showed the children of men all kinds of death-dealing blows. Gadreel also seduced Eve and showed the children of men the instruments of death, armour, the shield, the broadsword and every conceivable kind of instrument of death. From that hour onwards weapons have spread from his hand to the inhabitants of the Earth. This one was renamed From Gadreel/Luicifur to satan/devil
Showed Eve HIS Tree of Knowledge Gadreel did, which Eve did Kneel at the Alter, partaking of that tasty non-dairy treat. Then grabbing a boxed lunch for Adam from Gadreel‘s Tree of Knowledge (Gadreel & multiple times eh!), Eve ran back to Adam.
So Eves’ First Born was Cain, who’s Father was Gadreel. Cain was a Giant. Cain was moved to Texas & kept in a Giant GATED- Giant Community. It’s were Texas gets the phrase “Everything bigger in Texas. Abe was born of Adam & was like the rest of the humans at that time. Humans changed after the Flood, Noah was different than the rest of the humans. Noah did not have webbed hands or feet & was BRIGHT WHITE. It’s a Black Planet don’t you know?
Interesting side Note: Meeting with Mr. One-Eye & eating the Man Chowder may have been made illegal due to the nature of what happens when you eat it… & their eyes were opened…
Reminds me of Mary Jane, she makes you smarter too & extents your life.
(113Doctor doesn’t care if You can’t swallow the story, Your parents already did! LOL Humans being made fun of by an outsider.)

The forth is called Penemue; he showed the children of men the difference between biter and sweet and made known to them all the secrets of their wisdom. He taught men how to write with paper and ink, and as a result have sinned from eternity to eternity and down to this day.

The fifth is called Kasdeya; he taught the children of men all kins of evil blows, the blows of the embryo in the mother’s womb so the it departs’ the blows of the soal, the snake’s bite, the blows that arise from the midday heat. This one is the origins of all martial arts, on this planet.

Is Cain being a Child of the Devil Biblical?

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