Whats It Like To Visit Aliens…

Well, 113Doctor will give you a clue, a helping hand in standing under an Alien society.
First remember As above so below, also remember GOD Most HIGH didn’t even want man to learn about money to begin with.
#Mars Cash Register ?? Enigma Machine ?? ArtAlienTV
A cash register on Mars, that old must mean that it was there when the Thunderbolt struck both Mars and the Earth.
That means that it IS an Alien Cash register.
That means IF you reading thIS one day find yourself on an Alien planet staring down an Alien culture just remember chances are they use some form of money, which means you have a starting point in standing under what lies before you.
Alien as that planet maybe you have something in coming with it/them.
All you Alien Abductees are such complainers. You should BE controlling your flesh and learning as fast as your human inputs allow.
Chances are you’ve been abducted before so you’ll BE back home again.
Besides IF you make it to another planet, control your fear and enjoy, oh and BEhave yourself.
Go look for a little shop.

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