JFK & The Composite Zapruder Film



Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate A JFK Hit Team? YES!

The Scorched Memo

“On the day Jack was murdered, I happen to be looking at the large green Stemon’s freeway sign, as we were passing the grassy knoll.”

I saw a chunk of the green wooden sign suddenly shatter outwards and fly towards Jack and me. Then Jack was hit in the throat.

I reached out for him. As I did, he was shot in the right side of his head. Just above his right eye. It was horrible.

I saw the right side of his head fly onto the back of the car. I leaned back and reached for it. I just wanted to put Jack back together. It was just an instinctual response.”

“In hind sight, I guess that was the first bullet smashing thru the freeway sign that hit Jack in the throat.”

I heard 5 shots fired at Jack from behind the freeway sign.
I can still hear those 5 shots in my dreams. All the shots seem to come from behind the freeway sign.” —Jackie Kennedy.


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Dark Legacy (George Bush)

George H.W. Bush, You KILLED/MURDERED the LOVE of Jackie & GOD Most High Remembers YOUR SIN and took your BEloved away from you just like you did to JACKIE!
GOD Most High JUDGE.

As for Barbara & George…
Ecclesiastes 9:5 King James Version

5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

Barbara WHO?… George WHO?

Crowley and the JFK assassination brings credence to the theory of Barbara Bush being Crowley’s daughter and George Bush Sr., her husband at the time of the assassination was head of the CIA.

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