As Local News Disappears, Local Corruptions Appears

113Doctor processes over 100GB of Planetary News everyday day.
The trend 113Doctor IS noticing IS local News IS BEing DELETED.
ThIS deletion allows corruption.
Pond Drudging.
To drudge a pond cost $$$
The Local News reports every time the local pond IS dredge & the cost to do the project.
If the Local News IS deleted, then there IS no HIStory of the last dredging…
Ergo The Local Government will say the pond needs dredging again but instead the local Government will NOT dredge the pond and KEEP the money for something else under the table.
Imagine thIS BEig done on 100’s of different local issues, all over the country.
Nickle & Dime the Tax Payer!
100s of Millions of Dollars BEing secretly acquired for secret projects….

Cities Getting More Corrupt As Local News Disappears

Pretty soon the only HIStory of your local news will be on 113Doctor Blue Box… and 113Doctor IS NOT talking about thIS website.

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