fbi IS Trafficking Drugs And Child Prostitution ARREST 113DOCTORs Muther-Fuckers For TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT fbi!!!

Meet Schaeffer Cox, Serving 26 years in Prison For Telling The Truth

Schaeffer Cox IS gonna BE Released.
Everything IS revealed in the LIGHT.

Schaeffer Cox, a well known 2nd Amendment lobbyist (so IS 113Doctor) who had won 38% of the vote in a State House election, became the subject of an intense FBI investigation after he angered State and Federal authorities by openly accusing them of drug trafficking and child prostitution.

Suspecting foul play by the FBI and local police, and fearing for their lives from Fulton, Schaeffer Cox and his wife went to the military police station on Ft. Wainwright for help. Officers there advised Schaeffer Cox that Federal agents had come into the station and bragged of how they planned to “fix the Schaeffer Cox problem” by “going into his home to take out his kid, then just shoot Schaeffer Cox in the process.” The MP’s gave Schaeffer Cox’s attorney affidavits to this effect and would later testify to the same under oath.

FUCK THE fbi!!!!!

“The government does not dispute the fact that the actions of the provocateurs working under the FBI’s supervision did in fact meet the legal definition of 1st degree kidnapping,”

Fuck the Kidnapping fbi!!!

Schaeffer Cox, who has been in prison since 2011 agrees. “This amounts to sending people to prison for simply believing in the original meaning of the 2nd Amendment” he says. “If we don’t reverse my conviction, it will set a sweeping new precedent allowing for the wholesale round up of those who have not committed any crimes.”


WE THE PEOPLE DON’T NEED A Lic to own a gun or to carry a gun.
Rights don’t need lic.
You have a Right to free speech. Do you need a lic for that?
You have a Right to Live. Do you need a lic for that?
You have a Right Liberty. Do you need a lic for that?
You have a Right to pursuit of Happiness. Do you need a lic for that?
As a Free American, you don’t need a lic to drive either.
All this crap was for the newly freed slaves that needed protection.
We should have just done what Briton did with their slaves. SHIPPED THEM BACK.
The FEDS granted protection as long as you gave up your rights.
New free slaves were more use to protection than defending rights.
When We the People wake up, your Time will BE done fbi/any other alphabet agency.

113Doctor wants to ask the Blacks, how has thIS worked out for you?
Becoming slaves again but to the Feds.
Shurly not 1 Black person IS in Federal Prison.

And before you go all fist-cuff or worse you should know that 113Doctor has put some thought into Forty acres and a mule, that was then, thIS IS now…
so you should get Forty Million Dollars & a Royals Royce 😀
Then You can live anywhere on the Planet.
Just Saying…

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