Who Built The Moon? Hint, 14,000 Years Old(ish)


Neither the Apollo astronauts, the Luna vehicles, nor all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could assemble enough data to eXplain the circumstances of the moon’s birth
– William K. Hartmann, senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, Tuscon, Azrizona.

“The best eXplanation for the Moon is observational error — the Moon does not eXist!”
– Jack J. Lissauer, NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Hartmann, together with a colleague, D. R. Davis, suggested that the Moon had come into being as a Result of the collision of 2 planetary bodies, 1 being the Earth and the other being a rogue planet at least as large as the PLANET MARS!!! Hartmann and Davis hypothesized that the 2 planets had collided in a very specific way that allowed jets of matter to be ejected from the mantles of both planets.

“This matter from both Earth & Mars was thrown into orbit, where it collected in the middle of the Cosmic Thunderbolt.” -113Doctor
“The second planetary collision was Jupiter.”113Doctor

Thunderbolts Project- Electric Universe

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