Private Prison In Small Town Demands More Prisoners Or Else!
ThIS IS why GOVERNMENT should CONTROL Prisons!
In the FUTURE Humans will BE at WAR with Private Prisons, lots of shooting, lots of death, on the Private Prison Side! 😀

Redacted Tonight
Published on Aug 13, 2017
Private prisons make their profits from making sure incarcerated Americans stay behind bars, and have nestled in small communities that rely on those profits to drive their economies. But with federal sentencing reforms reducing the number of incarcerated Americans, small towns that house these prisons, like Estancia, New Mexico, are feeling the pinch. A private prison in Estancia will layoff staff if they can’t find 300 inmates to fill their empty beds. And the corporation that owns the prison doesn’t exactly have a great track record in treating inmates or staff with humanity, proving again that these facilities are all about profit and not rehabilitation of any kind. Correspondent Natalie McGill weighs in on the consequences small towns must face for putting their trust in private prisons on the latest Redacted Tonight.

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