muslims In Indiana Are About To Riot After Seeing What Massive Sign Says That Popped Up Overnight
Published on Jun 6, 2017
muslims In Indiana Are About To Riot After Seeing What Massive Sign Says That Popped Up Overnight
It’s rather easy to discover what muslims truly believe, all you have to do is pick up a copy of the quran and start reading. Contained within muslims’ holy book you’ll find at least 109 graphic verses that calls on muslims to go to war with nonbelievers, where followers of Islam are encouraged to chop off of the heads of non-believers, and actively prodded to rape infidel women and take them as slaves. But muslims always get a little pissy when you point out the TRUTH about their religion, going into rage mode if you happen to mention their holy prophet was actually a war-mongering slave-owning pedophile who took a child as his bride when she was only six-years-old. Now muslims in Indiana are completely outraged after a billboard was erected by local residents exposing the truth about the man who founded their religion, and they are demanding that it be immediately removed.

Not beating around the bush about the true meaning of Islam, the billboard crafted by the group “Truthophobes” hilariously mocks their prophet mohammed as “The Perfect Man” where the gigantic billboard then lists out six truth-filled bullet points to describe him.
The bullets include:
Married a 6-year-old,”
TRUTH-“Slave owner & dealer,”
TRUTH-“Beheaded 600 Jews in one day,”
TRUTH-“13 wives, 11 at one time” and
TRUTH-“Tortured & killed unbelievers.

Local Muslims instantly got their man dresses and burkas in a collective wad, predictably screaming that the creator of the billboard was a “bigot.”

“I was a little disappointed when I saw that,” farial khatri of the islamic Society of North America told Fox 59. “We do support free speech, but we do realize this is also rooted in bigotry.”
Hilariously, the muslim alliance of Indiana plans to raid money to put a billboard up right across the street in order to try counter the billboard’s truth-filled message, where they plan to plaster a propaganda-filled message about islam being about “peace and kindness.”


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