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The Blood of JESUS -WHY?
Over 900,000 years ago a single Man from another Planet discovered Earth.
ThIS man in modern tongue IS called an “Alien/extra terrestrial/Ancient Alien” from another planet.
In the days of ancient, thIS man was called a god.
In the Bible thIS man IS called an Angel.
The subjugation of the Earth was/IS allowed by GOD Most High to serve HIS will.
The Aliens/Angels set up the Ancient world with all of it’s Pyramids & Obelisk for wireless power.
The Aliens/Angels set up a 2-teir society much like the Earth today.
ThIS was all allowed by GOD Most High until…
1 Alien/Angel chose NOT to follow the Rules of the Times.
This Alien Fell from hIS post on Mars & brought some of his friends with him.
ThIS Alien/Angel called gadreel took eve for his own & gave her a giant son called Cain.

Cain was Banished to Rockwall Texas.
Once thIS happen the rules changed and Giants were no longer allowed to be created.
Angels became Demons and the Ancient Old World came to a watery end.
Were does The Blood of JESUS fit in?
At that Time, man was what GOD Most High wanted Man to be, a naturally evolving being on the planet under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
That all changed when the Aliens/Angels grab 1 and started to tinker with it’s DNA “Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness:” –Genesis 1:26-28 KJV DON”T ARGUE WITH 113DOCTOR!
This very act IS why YOU need to be COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!
If the Aliens/Angels had not tinkered with your/humans DNA then you/humans would have evolved the way GOD Most High intended!
Human DNA IS being upgraded all the Time.
Study the Jewish tales about Noah.
Yes Earth Was a Black Planet.
Yes White is from space.
In the Ancient of Days, Black humans worshiped White Aliens from another planet, NOT GOD most High directly.
The Kings were given white women to have sex with from the Aliens.
Noah was born so white it is written he gave off a glow & his farther knew he was born from the aliens but it was a sign of things to come.
It is not about saving the Earth, the Earth will be destroyed in 1,000 years when the sun devours it, read Revelation.
It is not about being black or white, each has had their own Time.
Blacks got 50,000 years of low tech, pollution free, green Earth with Aliens ruling them.
Whites got 6,000 years of low, slamming into high tech near the end, with pollution, devastation, & Aliens still ruling over them.
JESUS gets 1,000 years of peace, with perfect weather, No pain, & with JESUS Ruling with an iron rod.
Black Men, You were forced to Physically Build Americas infrastructure.
White Men, You Used Your Mind to Plan Out America.
GOD Most High gets forever 153=The Kingdom Of GOD.

Gosh 113Doctor wishes some intelligent person would debate 113Doctor on why thIS IS wrong…. 🙂 … 113Doctor thinks there are some folks just angered because 113Doctor IS rocking the boat…. ThIS IS so simple a child can understand it….
And 113Doctor IS getting real fucking tired of having 113Doctors freedom of speech stepped on for foreign governments putting pressure on multi-national corporations.

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