#metoo Movement And The Male-Fe Hysterical Man With Womb

#metoo Movement And The Hysterical Woman

USA: Republican senator cornered in lift over Kavanaugh confirmation

Any man-with-womb, pointing their finger and yelling=terrorist!
It’s UGLY!
IT’S Bullying!

MEN DO NOT LET Hysterical Man With Womb TAKE YOUR POWER!

Hysterical Man With Womb=Pain.

Man-With-Womb and their need to BE victims!

#MeToo has lumped trivial in with legitimate sexual assault
Cosby in jail, your done.

113Doctor DOES NOT SUPPORT THE queen of heaven!
the queen of heaven = satan!
The LORD Rebuke You!

MUST 113Doctor reminds the #metoo movement that 153=The JESUS Choice and hIS 144,000 MEN WHO HAVE NOT BEEN SEXUAL WITH MAN-WITH-WOMB!

Are sealed by an Alien/angel of God
Are specially selected from the tribes of Israel
Stand on Mount Zion with “a Lamb”
Have the Father’s name written on their foreheads
Sing a new song no one else can sing
Are redeemed from the earth
Are called “virgins”
Are not defiled with women
Are considered the firstfruits of God’s harvest
Are guileless and without fault
The LORD Rebuke You, queen of heaven.
The LORD Rebuke You.

Accusing someone of witchcraft is now a crime in India

Burn The Witch!

Member the BLOOD OF JESUS?

Maybe CHRISTain MEN need to take some of the muslims ways when it comes to man-with-womb?


“QUEEN OF HEAVEN” in the KJV Bible

Who is the Queen of Heaven?

Men are usually in a mess when they find their TRUE LOVE.
That man-with-womb see the man mess as a work that the man-with-womb can take on and turn the man into something respectable.
So much for Ashley Estes Kavanaugh and all the WORK she put into the mess of a man she found!
Lad-ys IS thIS what YOU WANT?
Man-with-womb tearing apart all your hard work 🙁
113Doctor wonders how long BEfore all the men refuse to even get near man-with-womb for fear of seXual lies!!!
Revelation speaks of the end days and most men BEing gay, thanks a-lot man-with-womb, your future IS pain and alone.

trump on young men

President Trump apologizes to Brett Kavanaugh during Supreme Court swearing-in ceremony

President Trump Calls The Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh A ‘Hoax’ | TIME

Feminism Is Complete Bullshit – Bill Burr, Milo Yiannopoulos, Adam Carolla

As a masculine homo guy, all I can say is you str8 guys give women way too much social power over you, over your personality, the way you dress, your sexlife, and your everyday pleasures.

I have str8 friends who as soon as they met a girl they suddenly stopped showing up to things we all know they love doing. He loves videogame nights with the guys, but she thinks it’s lame. Suddenly, like a lovesick puppy he forgoes everything he likes just to please her. Only when SHE has something planned with her girlfriends is it ok for him to hang out with his buds. Videogaming nights, movie nights, hockey, or just going out for a beer – suddenly they have to check with the missus, because her shit is always way more important for some reason.
One guy had an awesome beard but suddenly he went clean cut because that’s the way she likes it.
As the months go by you start seeing a guy becoming but a shadow of his former awesome self. It’s painful to watch all the self sacrifice that goes on in a lot of str8 relationships. No equality at all, when it’s all about her.

And you stickler women, if there is beard straws in the sink after he shaves, get the fuck over it. Do you want a real man in the house or not?

And not to mention the whole tedious song and dance that is the courtship procedure. You do NOT always have to start conversation, you do NOT always have to pay for the dinner, or the movie tickets, or the drinks, or the cab, etc etc. You pay for each your own shit, and you split the cost of the cab! Sure if you see a hot girl you like, and she seems to be into you, pay for one drink out of the kindness of your heart, but don’t just feel obligated to do it just in the hopes that she’ll give you some later on. If the looks start getting longer and more intense that’s the que to maybe take that party to a place more secluded. Otherwise, you know it’s not gonna happen, and you’ll have saved a fortune and you don’t feel like such a tool at the end of an eventless night.

On the work place, if a picture or a curtain rod needs hanging, show THEM where the powertools are, and then go about your business. If women truly want equality, then that’s what we men need to give them. There is no reason for men to feel lost or without purpose. None at all.

This is not a rant against all women. There are plenty of awesome women out there who totally complete their men, and vice versa.

I am a str8 female and completely agree with you. I love men being men. Our societies crazy cat ladies have been working really hard to turn men into women. Makes me sick!

It’s an all too common story unfortunately. My dad tells me all the time about how he had friends that were gradually destroyed because of what they let their women do to them, controlling their lives. And about the ex-girlfriends my dad had that would try to control him the same way, but he was always smart/blunt enough to not take any of that shit.

My theory of why women do this is that for pretty much all of history, they’ve had no power or influence, since men have always had the most physical and social power, and a woman is almost certainly doomed if a man decides to not provide for and protect her anymore. So they’ve learned to manipulate to get what they want, and make men do what they want and either not even realise it, or leave them willing to provide for her regardless. You know, classic queen controlling the king. I’m almost convinced that they are just instinctively wired to manipulate people, because it’s possibly how they’ve best survived up until now.

Not that I think that makes them worse than men or inherently evil or anything, I mean we’re instinctively more violent. It’s just another negative facet of humanity that can’t be changed, or at least won’t be for a long time. And who knows, it could be a lot simpler than that. Perhaps loads of women are just manipulative because men are stupid enough to let them (I think this is more likely). They learn that it works, and so they learn how to do it better and more often. And if men didn’t allow it, perhaps women would stop trying as much.

Grey Man
So true

Good read. A bit blockish, but youtube’s been weird lately and not letting me format my replies how I want them, so maybe that’s why. I won’t presume to know. (Post edit: Yup, that’s why. Alert posts are formatted properly, but not posts read on the page itself. Lame, youtube. Very lame.)

To be fair, it’s only the cucks who fall for this. “Str8” men of a certain masculinity and self-confidence don’t get suckered into changing who they are because of a vagina. Even myself, when I was younger and much more desperate, let this happen to me. But with time and patience and maturity I learned to temper my expectations and solidify my resolve, and when a woman pulled some bullshit with me I’d put my foot down, even if it meant saying goodbye to her physical rewards.

But a large component of this isn’t so much whether we have the integrity to resist their demands, but rather a purely biological drive behind it all. Sexual dimorphism; men are stronger and more detail oriented, women have much more limited reproductive availability and are emotionally driven. Exceptions notwithstanding, that’s generally how it works. So when a weaker woman makes a demand, on a primitive level the stronger, providing men recognize that the ticking clock wombs are much more precious than their superfluous balls, so they prioritize the woman’s demands… even at their own cost. “Protect the eggs” as some describe it. It’s just a matter of people recognizing why they do the things they do, rationalizing their behavior instead of following their instinctual responses, and work for their own best, rational self-interest, instead of following whims and social sways.

Trigger Warning

The media and feminist agenda (along with the gay writers in entertainment) are all emasculating the man. I see this clearly. I’m old enough to see the changes and trending. This is a fact. Just look at how men are stigmatized now if they wear a flag on their hat, hunt, fish, own guns, or simply play a manly role in the home. The writers are writing most men as silly idiots and everyone else is considered normal. Look around. For example, I’m not very religious but the entertainment industry is writing scripts to show that religious people are all a bit stupid and uneducated if they are Christian. However, if you are Muslim then you are peaceful and international. What a farce. If you an ex-military then you suffer from some mental issue or can only find work in a violent field. However, all the intelligent people are all writers, actors, designers, architects, etc… Just pay attention. Now if you are an average white male that is not wearing a vagina on your face or if you disagree even with 1% of the crap you hear in the media you are put in a corner and sometimes even fired from your job in certain fields. You have to go to work and keep your mouth closed (mute, neutered, emasculated). The universities are brainwashing boys that being a white male is bad and all else is better and good. You provide no value and never had. This is what they are learning. If you call me a liar then you are delusional.

@Stop All Liberal Brainwashing
Add this to the list: If you are a woman who wants to be a MOTHER, you’re holding all women back. You’re evil, and you must be corrected. You’re not being ambitious enough if you’re a housewife. That’s the same as being a slave!

Gays are paraded as heroes… UNTIL they come out as conservatives. Then they’re decried as traitors “to the cause”. Same with women who wish to stay at home and raise their children. The women are proud and strong and just as good (if not better…. usually better) as the men… UNTIL they want to be stay-at-home-mothers. Then they’re enemies and must be punished.

Brad Bumgardner

A masculine homo guy” in 113Doctors Humble opinion IS MORE MAN than any Straight dude.
Words For Change.

queen Of Heaven-NO! Blessed Rather Are Those Who Hear The Word Of God And obey It


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